Common Myths About Household Mold

Mold is a fungus that grows in moist environments indoors and outdoors. Mold is a problem that most people have endured at one point or another, but if you’re one of the fortunate ones who has not, make sure to keep it this way. Mold can be very dangerous to our health, causing upper respiratory problems, especially for kids and older adults. It’s essential to arrange indoor mold testing broward county fl if you suspect a problem with model in the house.  It’s also important to learn the myths about mold and the truth of the matter.

Myth 1: Bleach Kills Mold

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Some people think that using bleach in moldy areas kills mold, but that is nothing more than a myth.  Although it’s true that bleach may clean some non-porous surfaces, it cannot handle porous surfaces and may not efficiently remove the source of the mold.

Myth 2: I Can Remove Mold Myself

Mold mediation is best left to the professionals who can get to the source of the problem so mold problems do not return again in the near future. While it’s true that you can DIY, it’s best to leave the project to a professional.

Myth 3: All Mold Causes Health Problems

While it’s probably safe to say that mold is unsightly and not a welcomed addition in your home, it’s important to note that not every type of mold is dangerous or causes health concerns -but many do, and the average person is unable to differentiate between the different types of spores and mold.

Myth 4: You Should Never See Mold

Mold is all around us. It’s used in Science and can benefit health, medicine, and more.  So when you hear that all mold should be eliminated, this is not a fact!